Let’s Talk WATER! 🙂

When it’s hot, when we work out, we move around a lot, our bodies start to cool ourselves off.  This is where sweat comes from…It’s a good sign!
When we sweat our bodies are basically releasing water, which means, we need to replenish.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink water.
I am a HUGE advocate for water!

Water is the essence of life

Human blood is more than 80% water. Water flushes waste products out of our kidneys and livers, lubricates our joints and keeps our eyes, mouths and nose tissues moist. It regulates human body temperature and protects our internal organs. Our lungs are90% water and our brains are 70% water. In fact, about 60% of the average human body is water.
-Thank you discovery.com


So what happens when we don’t consume enough water – Dehydration can happen

I prefer it when my pee clear – I like to call this “Ultra hydrated”

Dehydration means your body does not have as much water and fluids as it should. Dehydration can be mild, moderate, or severe based on how much of the body’s fluid is lost or not replenished. When it is severe, dehydration is a life-threatening emergency.
-Thank you Wikipedia

It seems so simple doesn’t it?

It has been recommended that everyone should be drinking a MINIMUM of 8 glasses of water a day.  A glass of water is considered to be 8oz.  A typically water bottle purchased in a 24 pack from the store is usually around 16.9oz!!  So if you finish 1 bottle of water you’ve already knocked out 2 glasses worth!

Our bodies not only need water to survive, but water allows our body to function properly.  It is so hard for me to wrap my mind around why people don’t drink enough water!

  • Water is FREE when you’re out to eat
  • Water bottles are CHEAPER to buy at the store
  • Water is good HOT and COLD

If I told you I held the secret to life, access to the fountain of youth and it’s a sure thing what you do?  Would you say “yes please, tell me tell me” or begged.  Well folks, here is it: WATER


I Challenge you for 1 Week (7 Days Straight)  to Drink Two 16.9oz Bottles of Water Before Noon and Two 16.9oz Bottles of Water After Noon and Tell Me How You Feel

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