The MeTreat

I  believe everyone deserves time to themselves!  I have enjoyed taking myself out for the day and once I even took myself on a weekend vacation to Arizona!  After years of telling my girlfriends to get out and do something for themselves, I named the activity!  Metreat!

The “Me”treat is a Retreat for “Me” – you!

You can choose to take yourself out to dinner for the evening, stay home and read a book or go away for the night or the weekend!  Whatever it is, you deserve it!  I always reccomend that you go away for at least one night, maybe two, by yourself to relax and rejuvenate yourselfe.  Of course I do understand we all have different families and time restraints, so I understand that a full days might be possible – right now – but there will always be time in the future.  Go ahead and plan on it!

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