How to Get What You Want

First Dream It Then Go DO it
First Dream It
Then Go DO it

We all have dreams.  It’s a fact.  We have the types of dreams we had starting out as children – “when I grow up I’m gonna be…” and we also have dreams in our sleep that unconscious mind performs for us.  So what is about dreams that make us feel our hearts beating?  When I think about singing in-front a large audience I can actually physically feel my heart beating, like that blood started to rush around faster.  That bit of excitement is so thrilling because being a performer is a huge dream of mine.  The way our bodies physically react to our mental and emotional thoughts is amazing!  So what are we supposed to do with these feelings, these rushes of physical movements?


I recently read (listened through audible) The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and from the first chapter I was HOOKED!  The book talks about how we as individuals are meant to be something more than we are.  We all have passion and drive inside us and our very own resistance is what is the primary reason we don’t chase our dreams.


Getting what we want out of life is really, truly up to us.  What we do every day is a choice that we make.  Like Tony Robbins says, “What People Can do is very Different from What they Will Do.”  It’s true, we are so much more capable of doing something we want than we think we are.


Paulo Coelho, in his AMAZING book The Alchemist, says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


Irena Cara sings, in her hit song, “What a Feeling” from the amazing 80’s dance movie, Flash Dance:  “Take Your Passion, Make it Happen.”


Do you see a common theme?


When we want something – it can be in the form of a dream, a wish, a desire, a goal, a plan

*We first must acknowledge our desire

*Develop an Action Plan

*Harness that Passion and Run With it!

*Do It!


The way to get what you want, is to go after what you want!


What do you want?  Is there something out of life you’re looking for? Wishing for? Chasing after?

Let us know.  And let us know HOW we can HELP you in achieving your goal!!!



Here’s my Theme song for 2015 – ENJOY!




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