Mid-Month Check in

How’s your Three Thirty One goal/project going? We are on day 17 of 31 and it is important to do some inventory of your goal and find out where you are in the challenge you set for yourself.

With 2 weeks left in the month there is still so much that we can do. If we’re trying to loose weight, we should try a strict diet for the next 14 days. Or, now that the time change has happened, go for an evening walk or run. Grab a friend or a spouse and go for a walk or hike up a hill in the evening and watch the sunset. It will be good for you, relaxing and connecting with someone else.

If your goal was to write a book and you’re in a slump, do what all the great writers do, grab a journal or a notepad and just start writing what’s in your head. Get those creative juices flowing in your head and then after while you’ll see inspiration comes pouring into your heart, mind and soul. Write.

My goal was to loose weight. I will be completely honest, I have not been forthright in achieving my goal. I have, however, actively made healthy lunches and have attempted to be carb. free. I drink a lot of water. I love to infuse my water with cucumbers, sometimes strawberries and more recently enjoying cucumber-mint water! So refreshing when it’s ice cold.

As part of my goal, I will be joining a gym so I can ‘get my sweat on’! I’ll keep you posted, now it’s your job to keep us posted!

Post in the comments below and let us know your Three Thirty One goal (goal to be completed by 3/31) and let us know your status! If you have any tips or tricks, we’d love to see them!


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