Setting your Three Thirty One Goal

When I set my One Thirty One goal, I had placed a wish and a hope that I wanted would materialize into reality.  I need to get a day job, you know that Monday through Friday 8-5 gig, to make money.  Money which is used to pay my mortgage and support my life.  I also had this dream of reaching out to all the women in the world who needed a hug, inspiration, acceptance, encouragement a community.  This dream is here – The EN Studio – launched to the public on January 31st (also known as One Thirty One).

The whole month I was led by the inspirational quote from Paulo Coelho’s, The Alchemist, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

I felt it!  I felt that the more I prayed about my goals, wrote them down, told others about them, planned a head, put notes in my calendar, acknowledged my past and present, things were coming together.  So many ideas entered my head for The EN Studio and how much I wanted to share so much with you all. I grabbed a spiral bound notebook and wrote and wrote and planned and planned and by One Thirty One, I had put together the very platform to start living my dreams.

I encourage you to put a goal in mind, center your thoughts on something you want, something you want to do, someway you want to feel, whatever it is put a name on it.



Start making your Three Thirty One plan:

By March 31st (Three Thirty One) I want to be a size 6.

I will work out 2-3 times per week with free weights and body weight exercises

I will run 1-2 times per week

I will go for a 3-5 mile walk 1 time per week

I will eat as healthy as I can – limit the carbs, limit the sugars. Increase the veggies, Increase the seeds/nuts, Increase the water intake.

I will let my friends know to keep me accountable, or I will just let them know that on March 31st they should keep a lookout to see what’s different about me.


At the beginning of this process, I called this my One Thirty One project – because it was a big project, not just a goal.

So, here we are at the precipice of a new month, What’s your goal? What’s your Project?

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and remember… “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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