Acknowledging Yourself

Have you felt stressed out just thinking about what you have to get done this week or why didn’t get around to doing everything you wanted to last week?  If you’re like me, you write things down in a planner (ie. dinner with friends, bake bread, girls night, 5k training) or maybe you’re a To Do Lister (ie. Check off When Done) or you could be the memory lister (ie. mental note – take clothes to the dryer).  No matter how you put together the items, wouldn’t it be nice if instead of sighing with great relief that we’re finished or kicking our feet up on the couch in accomplishment.  What if, you could acknowledge it?

This year I started a new way of planning and organizing my life.  I purchased the Paulo Coehlo Day Planner and OMG – I love it!  Every page there is an inspirational quote that you can use as your mantra for those days.  This planner has led me to develop a great way of planning and acknowledging.

So what is it?

At the beginning and/or end of the week or before the start of the week (I either choose Sunday night or Monday morning) write down a reflection of the week that just passed and write down what I want to get out the coming week:

“My goal for this week is to take care of all the things I need to, when I need to.  I want to feel that what I did counted.  I will smile while I work and remember the greater, bigger picture.  I want to write 2 new blogs and record a song.”

Then you may write down things that need to be done no matter what the day:

  • Take Dog to groomers
  • Wash Car
  • Read Book

Next step, write down the things that have specific day deadlines.  This can either be in list format or in a calendar or day planner.  No matter what – WRITE IT DOWN

Monday – Yoga, Unload Dishwasher, Grocery Shopping

Tuesday – Bible Study, Laundry, Crockpot Chicken for Tacos, Take Kids to Practice

Wednesday – Wine Night with the Ladies

You get the drift…

But WAIT!  …  We’re Not Done!

The best part:

At the End of the Week, this can be Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday whenever you feel the bulk of what you’ve done is done.  Or, sometimes I do this, on the same day I will both look back and look forward.  Either way, open your journal or calendar or planner and look back at what you did this week.  Did anything extra pop into your already busy schedule?  Did anything happen that surprised you about yourself or others?  Ie. running 3.2 miles when you only planned on 2, or did you help a lady with grocery bags, did you give a friend a ride, did you hold the door open for someone who needed assistance?

At this point, you reflect on your week.

“This week was even crazier than I had thought it would be.  I was able to get the kids to school and make my yoga class and get a smoothie with Ruth before I went grocery shopping.  I met this sweet lady at the store and she gave me so much encouragement about life and relationships.  Overall I feel good about this past week, it was better than last week.  The weather was perfect, a little windy for my taste, but it reminded me of being a kid sitting by the lake fishing.”

Okay – That paragraph might be “reaching” but I want to emphasis that when we intentionally think back at the week and all we accomplished, you are acknowledging your hard work, your victories and even maybe some failures.  I encourage you to try and stay positive.  If something bad happened, like, you got rear-ended on your way to work, focus on, “It could’ve been worse and at least he had insurance”.



*Pick a Day at the end and beginning of a New Week (Sunday or Monday recommended)

*Write out a paragraph to yourself with your goals for the week.  Set personal Goals, Family Goals and even Work Goals.  State a feeling you want to feel at the end of next week.  You can do this in a journal or a planner, you know what works best for you.

*List out or input your weekly “to-dos”.  You can do this in list form or on the calendar, whatever is the best way for you to visualize and look at your week.

*Take on the week with as much Positivity as you can muster!  Be intentional about having a good attitude.  Make it a point to encourage people daily as you live your life.

*At the End/Beginning of the week.  Reflect.  Look back at the week you just finished and absorb the accomplishments, the successes, the celebrations, the happiness, acknowledge the hurts, the pains, the failures/opportunities.

*Write a paragraph on how you felt about the week prior.  Talk about how you wanted to feel and how you actually felt.  Were you being intentional and purposefully smiling?  How did accomplishing all your tasks and then some make you feel?  What surprised you about you or someone else this week?




Now I ask you to Comment Below – Tell me about how you felt about this past week?  Was it hard on you, was it better than expected?  Tell me what you want to get out of next week, how do you want to feel next Monday morning?


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