We have named The EN Studio in order to set us up to help you and grow with you.  The EN stands for the three main words to assist with Self Care.  Those words you have seen in our main logo and everywhere, they are:  Engage, Encourage, Enhance.  Upon initial research we found so many amazingly encouraging words begin with the letters EN, which made it hard to narrow them down to our mission.  After lots of thoughts and discussions these three made the most sense.  Below are the actual definitions of the words as found from dictionary.com:


Definition:  To occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons)


Definition:  To inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence


Definition:  To raise to a higher degree; intensify; magnify

The Power of Engagement.  Engaging yourself into this community of like-minded individuals who want to cheer each other and be cheered on.  Being engaged is being fully present, fully aware and fully intentional.  The EN Studio wants to Engage with you as you Engage with others.

The Power of Encouragement.  Encouragement is something that you both give and receive.  Encouragement is given without any expectations.  encouragement is your support, your cheerleader.  It is both an action and meaning; a gift.  The EN Studio is here to give you that encouragement, give you that high-five, give you the “ada girl” and the fist bump.  We are here to encourage you as you go and encourage others.

The Power of Enhancement.  Enhancement is fine tuning, it is to improve upon, to increase, to make better.  Enhancement comes through engagement with others and an encouraging community.  We are all together designed to be with one an other and share our lives.  The EN Studio is here to enhance your life as you enhance others’ lives.



If you haven’t guessed it already:

Power of You

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